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Testimonials for Ben Sturge

''I have watched Ben Sturge develop and grow as a guitar player. Ben's ability to understand musical concepts has been a real asset as it's enabled him to cover a variety of different material and styles.

Ben is an excellent guitar player and has been a pleasure to teach. He's polite, punctual and very well organised. 

Ben is also a very determined and self motivated person, I have no doubt given the opportunity Ben would not disappoint. ''

Private Guitar Tutor



''I have known Ben for many years now and his structured and sensitive approach towards teaching is a great attribute to have.

Ben is friendly, motivated and always has time to listen to any difficulties I have had when learning guitar.

His knowledge of theory, love for guitar and passion for tutoring makes him a very well rounded teacher...I look forward to many more lessons to come !!

Michael (student)  

''Great Teacher, Clear, Patient and Friendly''

(Student) Joe